Campus Children's Center Staff

Meet the Campus Children's Center Staff!

Administrative Staff

  • B.A. in speech and hearing sciences and M.S. in elementary education, early childhood, both from Indiana University
  • On staff at CCC since 2000

"Serving as the assistant director at CCC has given me more opportunities to support and work with our excellent teaching staff and our community of families, as well as to spend time with the children in classrooms throughout the center."

  • B.S. in elementary education from State University of New York (SUNY), College at Cortland.
  • Experience educational administrative and coordination, as well as classroom experience
  • On staff at CCC since 2016.

  • M.S. in early childhood education and childhood development from Wheelock College.
  • On staff at CCC since 2002

"I enjoy the strong relationships that I have the opportunity to build with children and families. I believe that providing quality early care and education to a child expands beyond developing curriculum. It's about joining with a family and celebrating their child's growth and development from the moment they walk through our doors to the time they leave (and often beyond)."

Infant/Toddler Staff

  • B.S. (2010) in management from Indiana University and CDA (2018) from Ivy Tech
  • On staff at CCC since 2017

"I love working with children because each and every day is a fun new adventure and it is so rewarding to watch the children grow and develop their life skills. The welcoming and supportive environment created by the families and teachers at CCC means so much to me."

  • Early childhood education experience in daycare centers and Head Start
  • On staff at CCC since 2014

"I love experiencing the 'new' with the children as they are seeing the simple beauty of everyday. I also find it extremely rewarding to learn about and getting to know the families."

  • B.A. (2009) in elementary education from Indiana University and currently pursuing M.S. in early childhood education.
  • On staff at CCC since 2009

"Through all my academic experiences, I still feel that infants and toddlers have been some of the most impactful teachers in my life. I find peace in a classroom busy with excitement and purpose. I find contentment in slowing down to embrace the here and now with young children. I feel fortunate to be welcomed into a professional setting full of support from colleagues and families every day. And I find a deep sense of purpose in curating a mindful learning space that is accessible and approachable for all children and their families. A space where you can come in, feel at home, take a breath, and find the joy in being yourself and witness what joy that can bring to your community."

  • B.S. (2014) in early childhood education from Western Michigan University
  • On staff at CCC since 2018
"I love working with children and assisting their growth and development. I believe in the power of learning through play and I enjoy the process!"

  • B.S. (2007) in applied health science, human development and family studies
  • On staff at CCC since 2017

"I enjoy working with young children and helping them learn about themselves and the world around them. In my free time, I enjoy quality time with my husband and our three children."

  • B.A. (2012) in human development (educational psychology) and M.A. (2014) in management and leadership in education, both from Tel Aviv University
  • On staff at CCC since 2017

"My husband and I moved to Bloomington from Israel for his 5-year Ph.D program. I like to swim, sew, and to take care of my pets."

  • B.S. (2007) in elementary education and M.S. (2016) in education, both from Indiana University
  • On staff at CCC since 2014

"I enjoy the dynamic and exciting opportunities that young children bring. They are so passionate and excited about the world around them. I have learned so much from their investment in exploration and am committed to supporting and growing with them."

  • B.S. (2012) in early childhood education from Indiana University
  • On staff at CCC since 2017

"I am excited to be working in such a wonderful place with amazing teachers, parents, and children. I love working with children and giving them a nurturing classroom in which they may grow, discover, explore, create, and learn to their full potential."