Campus View Child Care Center

A child-centered, family-oriented program

The educational philosophy at Campus View Child Care Center, CVCCC, is child-centered and developmentally based.  Our relationship-based care model provides our teachers with long-term knowledge of each child's development that is used to guide current and future learning opportunities.

How to reach us

800 North Union St. #9

Bloomington, IN 47408

812-855-3286 (phone)

812-856-5837 (fax)

What we offer

Ages 6 weeks–3 years

Full-time care

Monday–Friday 7:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m.


Demand often exceeds our capacity. Therefore, we encourage parents to complete the waitlist form as soon as possible.

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CVCCC has an established partnership with Hoosier Courts Nursery School. Families who have a child enrolled at either location have enrollment priority.

Hoosier Courts Nursery School


The goal of Campus View Child Care Center is to promote the children’s healthy emotional, social, physical, and cognitive growth and development by providing a child-centered, active learning environment characterized by highly qualified teachers, low group size, and developmentally focused classrooms. Campus View Child Care Center is a model site for professional development and research for faculty, students, and practitioners.

The educational philosophy at Campus View Child Care Center is child-centered and developmentally based. It is based on the knowledge that young children learn through their direct interactions with their environment and the people within it. Our curriculum, Foundations to the Indiana Academic Standards: Birth to Five, reflects our belief that the whole child must be developed across the curriculum with social & emotional emphasis to support all aspects of development.

Developmental stages

While children do go through specific developmental stages, each child grows and learns at a pace that is uniquely their own. Age is not an accurate indicator of development. Children from 0-24 months take in their information by use of their bodies and exploring the world through their senses. Jean Piaget called this the Sensory Motor stage of development.

Two year old children begin to enter a stage that Piaget described as preoperational. Characteristics include egocentricity, concrete thinking, the explosion of language, and the inability of the child to focus on more than one aspect of a relationship at a time. The preoperational stage lasts until approximately age eight. Children in the preoperational stage learn best through their own initiated activities rather than by direct instruction by an adult. Extensive research shows that young children learn through play and through active exploration of their environment. They construct their knowledge through manipulation of concrete materials and stimulation of their five senses.

As children gain ownership of their learning in a child centered environment through their choices, our classrooms are arranged into learning centers to encourage the children to make choices. Learning centers include, but are not limited to, art, science, writing, books, woodworking, sand and water, dramatic play, manipulative materials, music, blocks and the outdoor learning environment.

The teacher’s role

The teacher’s role in a child centered learning environment is that of a collaborative learner and a facilitator and extender of the children’s learning. The primary role of the teacher is to arrange the learning environment to encourage choices and to allow the children to work independently. In addition, the teacher interacts with the children while encouraging problem solving and language experiences through the use of open-ended language and questions. The teacher also spends a great deal of time observing the children during their play and can then plan activities that extend the interests of the children.


The development of literacy is encouraged through experiences with the various aspects of language through books, music, science, math, art, drama, dance, reading and writing. We do not use formal reading and writing instruction that emphasizes isolated skill development. Instead we encourage children to explore their environment by touching and manipulating real objects and by experimenting with new ways of doing things. We believe that active engagement is more meaningful for children and has a greater impact on acquiring life-long learning skills, as opposed to doing activities that are traditionally believed to promote academic success.

Our curriculum

The curriculum that results from this philosophy is open-ended and based on the children’s choices. The curriculum is dynamic in that it changes with the interests, needs and development of the children. The Campus View Child Care Center has a written curriculum plan that describes our educational philosophy, goals and objectives for the children, the classroom arrangement, and the teacher’s role.

Continuity of Care is practiced within Campus View Child Care Center, meaning teachers and children remain together throughout a child’s experience in our program. This practice supports the formation of close, nurturing relationships between caregivers, young children, and their families.



The Center opens with a 1-year-olds class and a 2-year-olds class.


The Center is expanded to include an infant room and a mixed-age preschool classroom.


The Campus View preschool class merges with the Hoosier Courts preschool in order to take advantage of larger classrooms with adjoining playgrounds. This partnership increases the number of toddler/twos spaces available at Campus View.



Ages: 6 weeks–about 1 year

Group size: Up to 8

Staff to child ratio: 1:4

Parents of infants may choose to bring in breastmilk, use the formula provided by the center, or bring in their own preferred brand of formula. The center provides baby food and table food when the infants are ready for them. Each child is provided with their own crib and bedding, which is laundered daily at the center. We design an individual daily schedule and feeding plan to meet each child's needs as informed by their parents and pediatrician. Teachers complete a "Daily Needs" sheet for each child to record activities, diaper changes, feedings, moods, naptimes, notable symptoms, observations, and outdoor play. These sheets are shared with parents at pick-up each day.

Ages: Approximately 1–2 years

Group size: Up to 10

Staff to child ratio: 1:5

Our goal is to provide an environment that supports and nurtures their development in all areas, including cognitive, emotional, language, physical, self-help, and social skills. Children in the toddler classroom spend their days at Campus View engaging with a variety of materials, including art and sensory materials. Reading and singing occur naturally throughout the day and offer children the opportunity to participate in larger group activities. In addition to our indoor classroom, our outdoor space offers endless opportunities to explore and is used at least two times per day with weather permitting.

Ages: Approximately 2–3 years

Group size: Up to 10

Staff to child ratio: 1:5

Children in the twos group regularly engage in art, large movement, pretend play, sensory, and song activities as their interests dictate. Materials are rotated frequently to support the changing physical and cognitive needs of children. Teachers are available to children at all times in order to support positive social and emotional development. Additionally, teachers and families communicate daily to ensure a strong connection between home and school in this relationship-based program.

Ages: Approximately 2–3 years

Group size: 10–12

Staff to child ratio: 1:5 or 1:6

The activities are similar to the twos classroom including  art, large movement, pretend play, sensory, and song activities. Teachers remain available to support positive emotional and social development and communicate daily with the families.

Meet the staff


Administrative Staff

  • M.S. in early childhood education from Indiana University
  • 20+ years of early childhood experience
  • Director of CVCCC since 2000
  • Other interests: cooking, knitting, reading, taking long walks

"I enjoy working with and serving the needs of children and their families. One of the most wonderful things about working with infants and toddlers is observing their development as well as their drive to make sense of the world that surrounds them. I feel very fortunate to be part of a program that nurtures and supports children and their families through relationship-based care."


Teaching Staff

  • B.A.'s (2000) in psychology and sociology (focus on development, learning, families, and school impact) from Indiana University and currently pursuing M.S. in early childhood education
  • Early childhood experience since 2001
  • CVCCC staff member since 2005
  • Other interests: baking, cooking, spending time with her husband, their two sons, and their dog and cats

"In my spare time, I love to cook and feel that food has the power to bring people together. We often have cooking and baking projects in our classroom as well. Making connections with children and families is the most rewarding part of working at Campus View."

  • B.A. (2008) in Computer Graphic Technology from Purdue University
  • M.S.ED (2017) from Indiana University
  • Early childhood education experience since 2008
  • Other interests: drawing, felting, visiting parks around Bloomington, spending time with her husband, son, and cats

"After graduating from my undergraduate degree I had the opportunity to work in a local daycare and discovered that working with young children is my passion. Children are the most vibrant and inspiring people with whom I've had the privilege to work."

  • B.A. (2001) in elementary education from Purdue University, as well as graduate courses at Indiana University and early childhood workshops, conferences, and classes
  • Early childhood education experience since 2001
  • CVCCC staff member since 2009
  • Other interests: cooking, exploring the Bloomington community, hiking, sewing, traveling, spending time with her husband, their son, and their families

"I have always loved reading, and I share this passion daily with the children through various types of books, felt board stories, and finger-play rhymes. I am honored to work amongst a group of early childhood professionals who are caring, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and fully in support of Continuity of Care for infants and toddlers."

  • B.A. (2007) in elementary education from Franklin College
  • Elementary and early childhood education experience since 2007
  • CVCCC staff member since 2017
  • Other interests: baking, cooking, reading, spending time with family

"At Campus View, I have had the privilege of working in an environment that encourages children's development in a creative and age-appropriate manner."

  • B.A. in anthropology with a minor in comparative literature from Indiana University
  • CVCCC staff member since 2011

"All my life I've been a very curious person. I am interested in how and why things work and how and why people work the way they do. This interest led me to pursue my degree in anthropology and I believe it has also led me to a career in early childhood education. I try to provide an environment that provokes inquisition and stimulates creativity in a fun and developmentally appropriate manner.

"Working at CVCCC is always an adventure! Each day provides the opportunity for new experiences and change, both in the classroom and out. The curriculum is driven by the children, which makes way for a constantly evolving culture to form within the classroom. No class is the same, no child is the same, and no teacher is the same. Each person provides a valuable and critical perspective on our program as a whole."

  • B.S. in early childhood education with a minor in special education from Indiana University
  • Experience in early childhood education with Head Start, First Steps, and various child care centers
  • CVCCC staff member since 2012
  • Other interests: spending time with her three children

"One of the best parts of working at CVCCC is the teamwork atmosphere."

  • Bachelor of General Studies (2003) with a minor in family studies, sociology, and criminal justice (focus on early childhood development) and M.S. (2014) in early childhood education, both from Indiana University
  • 20+ years experience in early childhood education
  • CVCCC staff member since 2003
  • Other interests: enjoying time with her husband, their two children, and their two dogs and cat