Explore our Hoosier Courts Classrooms

  • HCNS-indoor-768-1.jpgAges: Approximately 3–5 years
  • Group size: Up to 20
  • Staff to child ratio: 1:10

All three of our classrooms offer specific areas for dramatic play, building, reading, writing, science, art, and music. Children gather to listen to stories and sing songs twice a day. They spend at least 30 minutes outside daily as weather permits.

Snacks are served during class once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Snacks are also available for before- and after-school child care. The kitchen is used by staff and parent teachers to prepare snacks.

Outdoors as an Extension of the Classroom

Each of the three classrooms at Hoosier Courts has a playground that is located just outside the door of their rooms. Consequently, we can post some adults indoors and others outdoors, and the children can move freely back and forth throughout the majority of the day. As such, the outdoors is very much an extension of the classroom. While outside, children can paint a picture, build with blocks, tend the garden, or learn about the insects they find. All this can take place along with the more traditional outdoor activities such as riding tricycles, climbing, and playing tag.